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Being Real: How to Win at Job Interviews by Being You

Have you ever had a job interview? It can feel pretty scary, right? You might think you have to act a certain way or say certain things to get the job. But, guess what? The best thing you can do in an interview is to be yourself. This is called being authentic. It means being honest and real, not pretending to be someone else.

Why is it so important to be authentic in a job interview? Well, the person interviewing you doesn’t just want to know what you can do—they want to know who you are. They want to find someone who fits well with their team and brings something special to their company. If you are real and honest, you’re not just showing them your skills—you’re showing them what makes you, you.

How can you be authentic in an interview? First, you need to understand what makes you special. Think about the skills you have and the experiences you’ve had. Maybe you’re really good at something because you’ve been doing it for a long time. Or maybe you’ve learned something important from a tough situation you’ve been through. Whatever it is, it’s something worth talking about.

A great way to share your skills and experiences is by telling stories. Instead of just saying, “I’m good at this,” tell them a story about a time when you used that skill. This not only shows them what you can do, but it also gives them a glimpse of who you are as a person.

Another part of being authentic is being honest about things you need to get better at. No one is perfect, and it’s okay to admit that there are things you’re still working on. This can actually make you look good because it shows that you understand yourself and are trying to improve. Just make sure to talk about how you’re working to get better at these things.

Remember, being authentic doesn’t mean sharing everything about yourself. You want to stay professional and only talk about things that are related to the job. If you’re unsure about whether to share something, ask yourself: “Does this show why I’d be good for this job?” If the answer is yes, then it’s probably okay to share.

Also, remember that being authentic goes both ways. The company you’re interviewing with should also be real with you. Pay attention to how they answer your questions and what their company culture is like. If you feel like you can’t be yourself there, then it might not be the right place for you.

So, the next time you have a job interview, remember to let your true self shine. Be honest about your skills and experiences, and be real in how you talk and act. This will not only make you stand out to the people interviewing you, but it can also help you find a job that really fits you.

To help you prepare for your next interview, check out, a great resource that can help you learn more skills. There are free online courses that can help you do even better in your interviews. There’s also a virtual career center where you can find job listings and apply for jobs.

Being authentic in your job interviews is about showing your true self and what you can bring to a job. With JOB1, you have the tools to grow, learn, and shine in your career. So why wait? Start being the real you in your interviews today!

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